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About Us

स्वास - The World’s First Intelligent Portable Smartphone Breathalyzer


The device is connected to the smartphone and sends to the phone the breath analysis.


If you are above legal limit the application provides you an option to get home safely.


Back to zero is a feature that lets you know when you are Back to Zero or sober whenever a BAC reading is detected.


It helps you learn more about yourself and your alcohol consumption with the ability to see your recent test activity.


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Smart Tracking

Use स्वास to track your consumption over the course of the evening.

Police - Grade Accuracy

स्वास is based on fuel cell technology, which is the same used by the professional police breathalyzer.


स्वास fits easily to any pocket or purse and at only 50grams is easy to carry around anywhere.

Know Yourself

स्वास helps you discover how your body reacts to alcohol so you can drink better and make smarter choices.

Keep Notes

Add a note to each test you take, so you never forget a moment.

Sober Up Safely

Use the स्वास App to grab a taxi or find resturant within walking distance, so you can sober up safely.

Drink Better

Use your unique and personal data to learn how to drink better and avoid ending your night too early.

Wake Up Fresh

Avoid over consumption so you can wake up fresh the next morning.

Long Battery Life

You have to only charge it for once a week, because of longlasting durable battery.

Easy To Connect

You just only have to tap on the screen and then blow into it for 5 seconds then you get you BAC.


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“स्वास Is The Best product, Fast App I Have Ever Experienced”

- Theodore Willis

“Keep It Up Guys Your Work Rules, Cheers :)”

- Ricky Grant


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